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2019 Jack Taylor Memorial – a Tournament to Remember


It seemed so predictable, another record turnout of close to 80 players, another easy sweep for IM Ray Kaufman and another smoothly run Victoria chess event.


In fact, high winds and the resultant BC Ferry sailing cancellations limited the turnout to 62 entries compared to 71 last year.  Ray Kaufman was trapped in Vancouver along with a large number of other players and forced to take a half-point bye in round one.  That, combined with a sensational performance by local player Reza Sardari limited Ray to a tie for first place, despite a 4-0 sweep of games played.


The organizing team stood up well to the challenge of accommodating late arrivals, withdrawals and no-shows.  Phone calls, text messages and e-mails were coming in a constant stream during the hours and minutes before round one with updates to players’ travel plans and BC Ferry schedules.  Yet every player present, including late-comers was given a game in round one with those present starting on time.



Reza Sardari, a local pharmacy manager, still only in his second year of competitive chess in Canada, accomplished a major break-through in his chess performance including an impressive win over NM Roger Patterson and a brilliantly conceived opposite coloured bishop draw against heavily favoured NM Patrick Huang.    Avoiding Kaufman in the pairings and being on the receiving end of a help mate against Rowan James in the last round didn't hurt either.


Kaufman and Sardari shared first place and received $375 each in prize money.


Third place in the Premier Section was shared by Patrick Huang, Brian Yang and Hernan Ledezma Panades, a player from Chile who is spending a year in Victoria for professional development.


In the U1600 Section, Victoria player Raemur Bedward and Surrey player Jeffrey Street tied for first with 4.5 out of 5.  Both are players who took up competitive chess recently as adults and who seem to be making good progress.  They received $200 each in prizes.


The family of former BC Champion Jack Taylor supported the tournament with a generous contribution to the prize fund.


The event was held in the Topaz Room of the Victoria Comfort Inn and Suites, a pleasant and convenient location.  TD was Nigel Hanrahan, chief organizer was Roger Patterson.


We, the organizers, would like to recognize the perseverance of the players from the mainland who waited out the ferry delays to get to this very enjoyable tournament.


Games pgn file


Round 5 Premier Section.  Ray Kaufman (right) presses home a kingside attack against Patrick Huang and takes revenge for his loss last year against Patrick.

In the background, Rowan James working on his position against Reza Sadari.  That game had an unexpected conclusion when James, up a piece, inadvertently manoeuvred himself into a mate. Photo by Paul Leblanc




Round 5 U1600 Section.  Raemur Bedward (right) v Steven Arai.  Bedward took no chances by securing a draw to ensure at least a tie for 1st U1600.  Jeffrey Street (left on the adjacent board), managed to catch up to Bedward with a win against Tyler Cruz.  Photo by Paul Leblanc






The family of Jack Taylor   Many Thanks!


Report:   Paul Leblanc


Organizer: Victoria Chess (Roger Patterson)

TD:  Nigel Hanrahan NA 




Final Standings:    Prize Fund $2000 guaranteed.



Standings. 2019 Jack Taylor Memorial: Premier

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot  Place
1 Reza Sardari   1799 W25 W9 W12 D3 W6 4.5  1st-2nd
2 IM Raymond Kaufman   2370 H--- W18 W22 W7 W3 4.5  1st-2nd
3 Patrick Huang   2256 W17 W4 W6 D1 L2 3.5  3rd/U2000
4 Hernan Ledezma Panades FIDE 1876 W29 L3 W24 D10 W13 3.5  3rd/U2000 $135
5 Brian Yang   1949 H--- D13 D17 W22 W16 3.5  3rd/U2000 $135
6 Rowan James   1957 W21 W11 L3 W16 L1 3.0  
7 Callum Lehingrat   2002 H--- D23 W8 L2 W19 3.0  
8 Ashton Taylor   1806 L9 W21 L7 W18 W17 3.0  
9 NM Roger Patterson   2150 W8 L1 D11 W23 U--- 2.5  
10 Nathan Ping-Ying Wu   1831 H--- W27 D15 D4 U--- 2.5  
11 Ross Richardson   1739 W14 L6 D9 D17 D12 2.5  U1800 1st-2nd
12 Ethan Su   1895 H--- W20 L1 D19 D11 2.5  
13 Tristan Taylor   1903 H--- D5 D23 W20 L4 2.5  
14 Quinton Burrows   1574 L11 W29 L16 H--- W22 2.5  U1800 1st-2nd
15 Adrien Allorant   2026 W26 D22 D10 U--- U--- 2.0  
16 Ronald Sauve   1819 D18 D24 W14 L6 L5 2.0  
17 Paul Leblanc   1679 L3 W25 D5 D11 L8 2.0  
18 Ken Forman   1629 D16 L2 W27 L8 D20 2.0  
19 Cliff Jones   1517 L22 D26 W29 D12 L7 2.0  
20 Brian Sullivan   1544 H--- L12 W26 L13 D18 2.0  
21 Kent Cronin   1640 L6 L8 L25 W29 W24 2.0  
22 Bill Tate   1696 W19 D15 L2 L5 L14 1.5  
23 Tran Nguyen Khoi Luu   1612 H--- D7 D13 L9 U--- 1.5  
24 Frederic Giroux   unr. H--- D16 L4 D25 L21 1.5  
25 Philip Boyle   1598 L1 L17 W21 D24 U--- 1.5  
26 Amir Afshar   1647 L15 D19 L20 H--- U--- 1.0  
27 Andrew Xu   1525 H--- L10 L18 L28 D29 1.0  
28 Ian Cordon   1999 U--- U--- U--- W27 U--- 1.0  
29 Randy Reiffer   1678 L4 L14 L19 L21 D27 0.5  



 Standings. 2019 Jack Taylor Memorial: U1600

# Name ID Rtng Rd 1 Rd 2 Rd 3 Rd 4 Rd 5 Tot Place
1 Raemur Bedward   1225 W32 W29 W13 W3 D4 4.5  1st-2nd
2 Jeffrey Street   1350 W33 D25 W26 W14 W8 4.5  1st-2nd
3 Luke Penner   1087 W28 W17 W7 L1 W15 4.0  U1300
4 Steven Arai   1153 H--- W23 W25 W13 D1 4.0  U1300  $85
5 Tyler Fowler   1118 L21 W24 W17 W7 W9 4.0  U1300  $85
6 Matthew Ross   1000 D8 W12 L16 W27 W14 3.5  
7 Bernie Stanley   1321 W24 W21 L3 L5 W20 3.0  
8 Tyler Cruz   1427 D6 D18 W20 W16 L2 3.0  
9 Primo Mergal   1297 L29 W30 W21 W10 L5 3.0  
10 Ivan Nicolici   1315 L20 W22 W18 L9 W21 3.0  
11 Arya Cyrus Boroomand   1011 H--- L15 W29 W19 D12 3.0  
12 Martin Cook   1281 H--- L6 W32 W26 D11 3.0  
13 Gregg Cherrington-Kelly   1451 W30 W20 L1 L4 D16 2.5  
14 Jishang Jiang VCC 1597 W31 H--- W15 L2 L6 2.5  
15 Don Hack   1014 D22 W11 L14 W25 L3 2.5  
16 Jason Bell   1263 L25 W31 W6 L8 D13 2.5  
17 Tim Coertze   1598 W19 L3 L5 D18 W22 2.5  
18 Andy Zhao   831 H--- D8 L10 D17 W25 2.5  
19 Al Hui   1011 L17 D32 W31 L11 W28 2.5  
20 William Li   952 W10 L13 L8 W29 L7 2.0  
21 Emilian Holmgren   746 W5 L7 L9 W23 L10 2.0  
22 Justin Ge   533 D15 L10 D23 W30 L17 2.0  
23 Xinhua Luke Shu   976 H--- L4 D22 L21 W30 2.0  
24 Tony Sehon   1000 L7 L5 L30 W31 W29 2.0  
25 Emily Dyck   848 W16 D2 L4 L15 L18 1.5  
26 Nicholas Pei-Chang Wu   943 H--- W27 L2 L12 U--- 1.5  
27 Zdenek Los   1146 H--- L26 W28 L6 U--- 1.5  
28 Aaron Holmgren   715 L3 H--- L27 W32 L19 1.5  
29 Coen Holmgren   430 W9 L1 L11 L20 L24 1.0  
30 Kevin Penner   1000 L13 L9 W24 L22 L23 1.0  
31 Kaamran Hafeez   1000 L14 L16 L19 L24 W32 1.0  
32 Declan O'Sullivan   827 L1 D19 L12 L28 L31 0.5  
33 Andrey Kozlov   925 L2 U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0  
34 Garth Edgar   960 U--- U--- U--- U--- U--- 0.0  



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